Composite Clay Studio

Jeff Noska and Barbara Reinhart

W359 S2870 Hwy 67
Dousman, WI 53118
Composite Clay Studio Website

Composite Clay Studio has been the home, studio and gallery space for Jeff Noska and Barb Reinhart since 1984. Noska and Reinhart, husband and wife collaborators in artwork that includes salt-fired black porcelain slip carved platters and cups. The gallery exhibition includes ceramic sculpture and high-fired porcelain as well as stoneware pottery. Barb’s paintings will also be exhibited. She notes that, “some of the images are influenced by my recent work in clay and combine the human figure with trees, branches, and the idea of connecting.” The studio building contains working space for mixing, wheel throwing, finishing and glazing of pottery as well as sculpture construction and work in progress. Jeff designed and built the two gas kilns, one for standard reduction firing, and one for salt firing, which are housed in the adjoining kiln shed.

Resident Artists: Jeff Noska and Barb Reinhart
Guest Artists: Stephanie Copoulos-Selle, Tom Selle