Photo of sculpture by Jef Raasch

Jef Raasch – Sculptor

I leave the sunny path, push past the thickets and brambles, and enter the world of sun dappled and dark. Listen to the scolding Squirrel and warning caw of the Crow. Wander. Step over rotten log. Taste the dampness in the air. Wonder. Dig into the leaf mold past the moss and mushroom, into the primeval loam. Smell the earth. Find the clay. Feel the squish and ooze between my fingers. With it I fashion the things I’ve seen and imagined, into the three dimensional canvas onto which I paint.

For over twenty-three years I have made my living as a self-employed artist and have exhibited my work in juried art shows all over the country. Clay is the medium in which I specialize. People and animals are the focus of my work.

Show Participation

  • La Quinta Arts Festival, La Quinta, CA
  • ACC Craft Show Baltimore, Baltimore, MD
  • Saint Louis Art Fair, Clayton, MO
  • Lake Front Festival of Art, Milwaukee, WI
  • Coconut Grove Art Festival, Coconut Grove, FL
  • Smithsonian Craft Show, Washington, DC
  • Crafts on Park Avenue, New York, NY
  • Plaza Art Show, Kansas City, MO
  • Long’s Park Art and Craft Show, Lancaster, PA
  • American Craft Exposition, Evanston, IL

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