Photo of Bob Hohf playing the piano

Robert Hohf – Piano Restoration

The piano is one of the greatest of all expressions of human imagination. The origins of our musical scale are as ancient as thought; and the ancestry of modern tuning includes most of the great Western philosophers and scientists dating back to Pythagorus. Since its emergence as a flower of the Industrial Revolution, the modern piano has become the embodiment of the Western musical tradition.

The mission of the Hohf Piano Workshop is the preservation and continued development of this tradition. While many may see the piano as a dinosaur in today’s digital, throwaway culture, it is, in fact, still evolving; and the best pianos are yet to come.

As a student of the piano for over half a century, Bob developed advanced techniques for piano restoration with many rebuilt pianos in the upper Midwest. He has written extensively on many topics in piano technology, and served for five years as Editor of The Piano Technicians Journal, the official publication of the Piano Technicians Guild.

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