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Dara Chappie – Concrete

In my concrete leaf castings, I sculpturally recreate some of the amazing textures, patterns, shapes and lines that exist in nature. Leaves possess the qualities of being delicate, transient, and indigenous. To me, concrete is synthetic, man-made, and artificial. Combining these qualities by sculpturally creating leaves with concrete creates an enjoyable irony.

Each concrete leaf is created from one individual fresh leaf and is a unique sculpture. I build the sculpture around fiberglass mesh for added strength. After the concrete leaf is cured, I color them with concrete stains that etch into the surface of the concrete, making it durable to the elements. I coat each leaf with a concrete sealant to further protect it. All my leaves can withstand the elements, although I do recommend putting them inside for the winter months.

For information about the leaf casting process and leaf care, please visit the Dara Chappie website.