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Donna Tronca – Eco Art

Born and raised on California’s Monterey Peninsula, I developed an appreciation for form and color early in life. The beautiful images in coastal rock formations and tidal pools, brilliant sunsets over the ocean, and soft wafting fog, all contributed to my fascination with color, texture, and contrast.

My artistic path has been varied. I have drawn with pen and ink, painted with oils and acrylics, and dabbled in photography. While attending college I discovered the world of fiber arts and the obsession began. However, about six years ago I started experimenting with fusing various types of plastic to create “fabric” which I use, among other ways, to replicate traditional and contemporary quilt patterns, as well as traditional Japanese garments and designs. This is my way of taking a traditional art form and treating it with a completely different aesthetic. I can also apply my love of weaving to this medium. My focus is to create something beautiful from materials that would otherwise be discarded. For me, it’s all about the contrast and surprise.

Travels to Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Germany, France, and Spain have strongly influenced how I approach my work. Color, texture, and interlacement are the constants of design throughout time and geography. Whether creating wearable art or decorative Eco Art, working in this medium ties me to countless other generations who have worked with textiles since the beginning of time.

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