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Tom Dumke – Furniture

“My furniture is inspired by the clean lines of the Shaker form, allowing the highly figured domestic and exotic woods I use to be the focal point. This adds an artistic and functional facet to each piece.”

Tom Dumke is a self-taught woodworker with a deep respect for the furniture craftsmen of the 17th and 18th centuries. Their knowledge of form, balance, joinery, and wood movement is evident in the pieces of fine furniture that still exist today. Dumke relies on the shared expertise of those craftsmen from long ago and those of today.

The Shakers have had a profound influence on Dumke’s work with their clean, unadorned simplicity, and the functionality and craftsmanship of their furniture. Whether building an exact reproduction or drawing inspiration for his own designs, Dumke keeps the basic Shaker tenets in mind. His pieces are intended to harmonize with the environment, and he uses native, sustainably harvested solid wood species in his work.

Tom Dumke grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and learned a solid work ethic from his father, a controller for Delco Electronics. From Dumke’s earliest years, he was always curious about how things worked and how things were constructed. By examining how things were made, Dumke developed an appreciation for the careful and precise use of tools. He is a self-taught furniture maker.

Thomas William Furniture website

Dara Chappie – Concrete

In my concrete leaf castings, I sculpturally recreate some of the amazing textures, patterns, shapes and lines that exist in nature. Leaves possess the qualities of being delicate, transient, and indigenous. To me, concrete is synthetic, man-made, and artificial. Combining these qualities by sculpturally creating leaves with concrete creates an enjoyable irony.

Each concrete leaf is created from one individual fresh leaf and is a unique sculpture. I build the sculpture around fiberglass mesh for added strength. After the concrete leaf is cured, I color them with concrete stains that etch into the surface of the concrete, making it durable to the elements. I coat each leaf with a concrete sealant to further protect it. All my leaves can withstand the elements, although I do recommend putting them inside for the winter months.

For information about the leaf casting process and leaf care, please visit the Dara Chappie website.

Thomas Buchs – Plein-Air Painting

I attended Layton School of Art and became an Illustrator. Doing artwork for children’s books and advertising for many national and local companies during the last 42 years. During summers I exhibited at Art Fairs and did Pastel Portraits. Through the years I have also been doing Fine Art, mostly oil painting. Recently I have been doing Plein-Air Painting ; painting from life outdoors. Much of my current work is representative of this discipline. I try to capture the light and atmosphere of a scene within a few hours. I believe that a painting is not just a two dimensional illusion, but also that of a moment in life, captured by an artist on canvas.

I am a founding member of Wisconsin Plein-Air Painters Association. The WIPAPA has been established as a state wide fellowship of artists dedicated to promoting and practicing the traditional discipline of Plein-Air painting. Members seek to honestly interpret the natural and man-made beauty and diversity of Wisconsin’s landscapes and culture. We will strive to enhance member’s skills and reputations by providing regular opportunities to paint outdoors together, and to critique our work and share our expertise with fellow artists in order to maintain the highest standards of the Plein-Air tradition of painting. We will promote our paintings through an online website, regular exhibitions and competitions.
I have found that while doing a painting outdoors I am immersed in the moment , what I mean is that later when I look at the painting I can remember all the things that went on as I painted ,the weather, the birds singing, a small animal moving through the scene, people who have stopped to talk to me. The memories are all part of the painting.

I live in Waukesha with my wife Lin.

My accomplishments in Plein-Air Painting events include:

  • 3rd place in Quick Paint – 2008 Downer Street Event
  • 1st place in Quick Paint – 2008 Mid-Summer Brush
  • 1st place in Quick Paint – 2009 Mid-Summer Brush
  • Honorable Mention at IPAPA First Brush of Spring 2009
  • 1st place in Painting – 2010 Wauwatosa Plein-Air and Village Affair
  • 3rd place in Dockside Quick Paint 2010 Door County Plein-Air Festival
  • 3rd place in Oil at the 2011 IPAPA First Brush of Spring
  • 2nd place Art at the Mill Plein-Air Richfield, 2012
  • #2 Artist’s Choice 2013 Cedarburg Plein-Air Event
  • 1st place 2013 Historic Third Ward Plein-Air Event
  • 1st place 2013 Richfield Historic Park-Art at the Mill Plein-Air Event

Juried Art Exhibitions

  • Waukesha Art Fair – 2008 -2009 -2011
  • Firefly Art Festival – 2008 -2009-2012
  • Milwaukee Domes Art Festival – 2010 -2011-2012
  • Hidden River Art Festival -2010 -2011-2012
  • Plymouth Art Fair -2010 -2011
  • The Little Show-Cedarburg -2011

Art Exhibition Awards

  • Honorable Mention – 2008 Waukesha Art Fair
  • Best of Show – 2010 Plymouth Art Fair
  • First Place – 2011 Plymouth Art Fair
  • 3 Time – Favorite 15% BoldBrush Competition
  • Best of Show 2013 Kenosha Art Fair

Thomas Buch’s website

Donna Tronca – Eco Art

Born and raised on California’s Monterey Peninsula, I developed an appreciation for form and color early in life. The beautiful images in coastal rock formations and tidal pools, brilliant sunsets over the ocean, and soft wafting fog, all contributed to my fascination with color, texture, and contrast.

My artistic path has been varied. I have drawn with pen and ink, painted with oils and acrylics, and dabbled in photography. While attending college I discovered the world of fiber arts and the obsession began. However, about six years ago I started experimenting with fusing various types of plastic to create “fabric” which I use, among other ways, to replicate traditional and contemporary quilt patterns, as well as traditional Japanese garments and designs. This is my way of taking a traditional art form and treating it with a completely different aesthetic. I can also apply my love of weaving to this medium. My focus is to create something beautiful from materials that would otherwise be discarded. For me, it’s all about the contrast and surprise.

Travels to Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Germany, France, and Spain have strongly influenced how I approach my work. Color, texture, and interlacement are the constants of design throughout time and geography. Whether creating wearable art or decorative Eco Art, working in this medium ties me to countless other generations who have worked with textiles since the beginning of time.

Donna Tronca website